Welcome to my website!

Use the navbar up above to navigate the website and do stuff.

Some of you may recognise the design of this website...
If you know what it was... shhh, anyways you're probably confused by this transition after a bleak death...


No, and stop telling me that please.
Anyways I couldn't afford to keep up with old host as my paypal has messed up so I couldn't continue paying, I have archived all of the content I had so if you really need them, please contact [email protected] for the content you want back. I would probably never see those emails though.
I can possibly make it so I can share the projects on github though, or can be browsed here anyways.

What would you have to offer?

Lol, nothing good of quality obviously. Most of them are for Everybody Edits which is pretty much a dead game now so the code would barely serve any purpose.

So what's coming next?

Honestly, I have no idea as I will need to focus on my schoolwork this year.
This will mean I cannot (though inevitably I might) focus on any other stuff to do.

In the meanwhile... did you know there is a (bloody awful) chat application with something I intended to learn more about using socket io..?
Yes I know it is ugly because of the lack of knowledge with CSS I had, it also hindered me from being able to make rooms or lobby or something like that because oh my goodness *insert bad word*.
Also yes, messages aren't stored anymore because I don't have access to a database I could use and the chat app is hosted on heroku which doesn't have a persistent storage so... Yeah, a temporary solution for a temporary project. And also I forgot to back up the database so rip those 33 star counts...